Frustrating Days At Home

Since I’m back at work life is really boring. The week is full of workouts, work and television time. So nothing exciting is happening. But what you do in your everyday’s life?
Meeting friends? Going out for a walk? Going for a dinner with your husband? But is that all we can expect from life? All this everyday’s boring things?

After I started this Blogpost nearly 6 months ago I started to write a Bucket List. I’ve never had a bucket list bevor, so we will see what will happen with this list:

  • Travel
    • Safari in Africa and seeing Elefants
    • Hamburg
    • New York and do some shopping
    • German Ocean
    • Sailingtour
    • Camino de Santiago
    • Go to a meditation Hotel for at least one week
    • Travel with the Trans-Siberian railroad
    • Two-day hike
    • Seeing a glacier
    • Drive on Route 66
  • Sport
    • Run a Marathon
    • Making a Iron Man
    • Scuba Diving
    • Starting skiing again
  • Other
    • Start with meditation

What would be on your bucket list? What will you start do or see?



One thought on “Frustrating Days At Home

  1. Oh I also know this frustrating moments, where I just think “is this boring everyday business the meaning of life?” I have no answer to that. I like your bucket list. On my bucket list is “seeing nearly every country in the World”, swimming with a turtle, driving with the car from the west of europe alsways straight on to china…
    I know very big dreams 😀
    Sorry for the long comment, just know that feeling too well!


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