The Most Beautiful Lake In Switzerland

Even if we return only I few weeks ago from our holiday in greece. My husband and I decided to go for a weekend in the alps. It was a quite spontaneous trip, so it came only to a decision on saturday morning, as my husband arrived from work. We packed a few things and started our trip even we hadn’t any reservation for a hotel.

Looking backwards it was the best decision in a while. Arriving in Flims we stopped at the first hotel and decided to stay for a night. Normally I search for hours befor I even think about to book a hotel. But the Hotel Chesa had such cute rooms, so the decision was quite easy for us.

Saturday we spend in the alps, because of the world heritage “Tektonikarena Sardona”. As much luck we had with the hotel as much bad luck we had with our hiking route. Even if the alps are wonderful it was such a pain to hiking down from Sardona back to Flims. So there is one big thing we learn after this tour: To never ever do a tour without to inform us befor we start. I had never such pain in my knees that I have to cry!

But at least sunday was such a beautiful day which we spend at the “Caumasee”. And once more I pushed myself to the limits which makes me feels specially proud. I had a swim in the lake even if the lake was freaking cold. But hell it was one of the most beautiful days and most refreshing swim since a very long while!

So if you once have the possibility to visit this wonderful place do it! You won’t regret it!



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