Les Wagons Or The Uetlibergbahn

If there is something I like the same like traveling around the world is to discover new spots. So it was this week at the Sulzerareal. The Suzlerareal is one of my favorite places in Winterthur. Here you literally feel the history of Winterthur with all the little corners where the production facility of Sulzer stand still. One of this little corner in this area, near the railroad is called “Les Wagons”. Here you can find two old wagon of the Üetlibergbahn which has been covered into a bar / Restaurant.

from: leswagons.ch

from: leswagons.ch

from: leswagons.ch


This place is like a little place of heaven, where once a week you can have dinner. But there is a deal you have to accept eating here. The only thing about the dinner you will get to know is the topic of a four gang menu. The rest will be a surprise. So for example there is a Toscana, a Coffee or a Superfood eventing. What do you think? Should I accept the challenge and get a dinner at Les Wagons?



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