From Sad To Happy

Life can be so strange. Two days ago I felt like I coudln’t handle my life anymore. I had a huge panik attack and I felt like I hade to quite my job and I coudln’t work anymore. Never ever again. At least this job I’ve been doing since 3 years. Today however I feel like the most happiest girl in the world. What changed?

The day I had this huge panik attack I’ve taken a day off. I coudln’t go to work. I thought I coudln’t handle anything on this day. And I sleept for so many houres, my husband had to wake my up a few times to see if I was alive. The only thing I’ve done was a plan for the next day. I’ve asked myself what I had to do, to feel better at work. And all things ended up on this list.

The day after I went back to work. I admit I had another panik attack but not as bad as the day befor. But my plan helped me trought the day. Step by step I worked through my plan with all the task I had to finish. And even if had to do the last task at home because I forgot it, everything went well.

Only now I’m writting down this experience I’m realizing how important it is to have a plan. A plan for the future. For the next month, days or even for the next few hours. Especially for me having panik attacks and anxiety issues having a plan seems to be everything. It helped me to not think about what could be, but to focus on what I have to do. Step by step.

I had so much new years resolution and I believe this one should also be on that list: At work I need a to do list and a plan for every bigger task. This way I can handle everything day by day without feeling overwhelmed by hugness, importance or even (policial) impact.

Do all this things I’ve said do make any sense to you? Have you ever had any panick attacs or anxiety issues? What do you do to handle it?



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