10 Marriage Proposal Ideas

When it comes to marriage I believe every woman is a little princess and wants to have a perfect wedding day including a perfect proposal. At the same time I’m convinced a proposal don’t have to be expensive or even exclusive to become an unforgetable event. What really matters is to know very well your partner and what she likes to realize a special and unforgetable momentan for the both of you.

So bevore you start reading the list think about what your partner likes and what she would enjoy the most. For those of you who understand german here is how I get my marriage proposal and I coudln’t think of any better proposal.

  1. Candle Light Dinner
    Even if it could sound boring this is one of the most romantic way to ask your girlfriend if she wants to marry you. You can choose your favorite Restaurant, or even your favorite city or your favorite hiking spot. Enjoy the evening and don’t wait to long for the question. My husband was so nervous he barley could enjoy the dinner because he was so nervous.
  2. Surprise Weekend
    If the both of you like to travel and are always on the road. It would be a great surprise to ask her on a surprise weekend. Perhaps you have a common favorite city or country you like to visit or also a common city you haven’t visit so far.
  3. At Home
    There is nothing wrong with ask one of the most important questions at home. Especially when you have already kids this could be a gread option. You can fill your appartment with a lot of red roses and candles. And for sure she will not expect the question at all.
  4. At the Beach
    If I haden’t get my marriage proposal at my birthday this would be my favorite place to be asked this big question. But also because we love both the sea and we spend every summer on the one or other island. Especially at night under the stars, every beach is wonderful!
  5. Picnic
    If you both like to be outside but prefer the mountains more then the beach a picnic would be a great idea. Even if this one needs a lot of nervs if you want to climb the mountain on your own and wait for the proposal until you are on the top of the mountain with a little picnic and a bottle of champaign.
  6. At the Radio Station
    Everyone who is so in love to ask for marriage, wants everybody to know it. In the case you are courageous enougth you can make the marriage proposal over the radio station. Only make sure your girlfriend will here the radio at this moment. 😉
  7. Under the Stars
    If you like stay off al night you don’t need any candle light because you have the stars. Make sure you are in a place with only a few light polution (Regardless if you are in the mountains or a an abandonate beach or park) so you have the best view at the stars.
  8. Whre you met the first time
    Every couple has this special place. If it’s not whre you first met, so you have perhaps a place whre you get the first kiss or your favorite spot in the city. Go back to this place and enjoy going througth all the beautiful memories you share together. And if you get married your memories together will never end.
  9. With the Whole Family
    Organize a brunch or a party with the whole family. So everybody can be part of this special moment. So you can ask her if she wants to be part of your family.
  10. In Paris
    And if all this ideas haven’t convinced you, book a trip to Paris. There is for sure no city which is more associated with romantic. And the best place for the question? For sure the Eiffel Tower!



Relaxing Saturday…

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This week I was so busy working I had no free time at all. This was the reason, to just relax on Saturday especially because my husband wasn’t at home because of working reasons. So I decided to have a relaxing day.




  1. First I had a looong sleep
    For a sleep monkey like me it’s impossible to get enough sleep during a working week, so I enjoy it much more on saturday and sunday.
  2. A cold shower
    There is nothing better as a cold shower to get awake after a long sleep.
  3. A good coffee
    In the meanwhile this is kind of a ritual on a saturday morning, to go to a coffeehouse and get a proper coffee with my whole family. This is what I call quality time.
  4. City tour
    Even if on saturday the city is full of people, it is a must to walk through the city, doing some shopping and enjoying the fresh air. Depending on my mood I also like to spend time at the local library and finde sone new stuff to read or to find some new cooking books.
  5. Getting another bunch of sleep
    Sleeping is always a good idea. It doesn’t matter how much I sleep in the night. On saturday I need always another few hours of extra sleep.
  6. Reading a good book
    This is something I have no time during workweek. So I enjoy it much more on the weekend.
  7. Enjoying my balkony
    On summer days there is nothing better to enjoy the sun. On rainy and cold days I enjoy the fresh air, even if I have to wear enough clothes so I do not freeze.
  8. Eating ice cream
    There is nothing more to say! Ice cream and TV in the evening are always a good idea.
  9. Plan our next trip
    I love new adventures and to be on the road. So I never stop to plan the next trip despite where and how long the trip will be.

What do you do to relax and calm down from a hard working week?


Share Your Challenge – Sometimes I Need A New Start

As much as I love blogging, my life was quite busy the last few year. Ok sometimes it was busy sometimes I only enjoyed the time I had nothing to do. But after my husband has irregular working hours I decided to restart my little hobby. And even if it will be enough hard to start blogging on a regular basis, I decided to start blogging in english. So I hope you will be enough patient 😉


I’m not sure how often I can blog and if my english is good enough. But I would like to see it as a challenge for me to improve my english and to share a lot more experience with you!

What is your challenge which you have imposed on yourself? It would be pleasure for me to read your challenge!


The Most Beautiful Lake In Switzerland

Even if we return only I few weeks ago from our holiday in greece. My husband and I decided to go for a weekend in the alps. It was a quite spontaneous trip, so it came only to a decision on saturday morning, as my husband arrived from work. We packed a few things and started our trip even we hadn’t any reservation for a hotel.

Looking backwards it was the best decision in a while. Arriving in Flims we stopped at the first hotel and decided to stay for a night. Normally I search for hours befor I even think about to book a hotel. But the Hotel Chesa had such cute rooms, so the decision was quite easy for us.

Saturday we spend in the alps, because of the world heritage “Tektonikarena Sardona”. As much luck we had with the hotel as much bad luck we had with our hiking route. Even if the alps are wonderful it was such a pain to hiking down from Sardona back to Flims. So there is one big thing we learn after this tour: To never ever do a tour without to inform us befor we start. I had never such pain in my knees that I have to cry!

But at least sunday was such a beautiful day which we spend at the “Caumasee”. And once more I pushed myself to the limits which makes me feels specially proud. I had a swim in the lake even if the lake was freaking cold. But hell it was one of the most beautiful days and most refreshing swim since a very long while!

So if you once have the possibility to visit this wonderful place do it! You won’t regret it!


Frustrating Days At Home

Since I’m back at work life is really boring. The week is full of workouts, work and television time. So nothing exciting is happening. But what you do in your everyday’s life?
Meeting friends? Going out for a walk? Going for a dinner with your husband? But is that all we can expect from life? All this everyday’s boring things?

After I started this Blogpost nearly 6 months ago I started to write a Bucket List. I’ve never had a bucket list bevor, so we will see what will happen with this list:

  • Travel
    • Safari in Africa and seeing Elefants
    • Hamburg
    • New York and do some shopping
    • German Ocean
    • Sailingtour
    • Camino de Santiago
    • Go to a meditation Hotel for at least one week
    • Travel with the Trans-Siberian railroad
    • Two-day hike
    • Seeing a glacier
    • Drive on Route 66
  • Sport
    • Run a Marathon
    • Making a Iron Man
    • Scuba Diving
    • Starting skiing again
  • Other
    • Start with meditation

What would be on your bucket list? What will you start do or see?


Desire To Achieve

Quelle: Brainy Quote

In der heutigen Zeit wo der Konkurrenzkampf überall immer grösser wird, ist es manchmal gar nicht so einfach, sich auf sich selbst zu fokussieren.

Eine weitere Lektion, die ich wohl noch lernen muss.
Mich wieder vermehrt auf mich selbst zu konzentireren und auf das, was ich erreichen möchte. Meine Träume und meine Ziele nicht aus den Augen verlieren und verwirklichen und nicht nur Dinge tun um besser als die Anderen zu sein.

Kennt Ihr das Problem, immer wieder von diesem Konkurenzkampf der überall gehegt und gepflegt wird, getrieben zu sein?


The Rules Of The Game

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

Albert Einstein

Quelle: Brainy Quote

Lange habe ich immer gedacht, dass Ehrlichkeit am längsten währt. Zwischenzeitlich habe ich verstanden, dass es bei der Arbeit viel mehr darauf ankommt, wie man die Wahrheit verpackt.

Negativität kommt nicht gut an. Und das wird wohl meine grösste Herausforderung sein. Die Dinge, welche in Projekte nicht gut laufen, als Tasks mit Verbesserungspotential darzustellen.
Es gibt nichts schlechtes, nur Dinge an denen man noch Arbeiten und Verbessern kann.